Hi, I'm Sebastian

The jobs you will be working on in the future, don't even exist yet.

This is what Farnam Jahanian, the president of Carnegie Mellon, said during our orientation in 2018. I truly believe this to be true.

I don't know what career I will have in the future, but I do know that the future requires interdisciplinary skills. The only thing I can do now is prepare myself for anything by positioning myself at the intersection of business, technology, and creativity.

As a product manager, I have led multiple teams from ideation to delivery. From managing VR development teams to producing Diablo Immortal at Blizzard, I enjoy working with people, defining features that address users' pain points and delivering great products.

As a business analyst, I have conducted market and competitor research studies for Tencent. I also interned at ByteDance US as a business developer, conducting market and company strategy research studies while evaluating studios and games for potential investment/licensing deals.

As a software engineer, I have developed full-stack websites using Ruby on Rails, back-end databases with SQL and Mongo, and front-end web design like the site you're seeing now. I have also developed 4 mobile games, 5 PC games, and 7 virtual reality games. Additionally, I have served as a teaching assistant for an iOS application development class at CMU and worked as a VR research assistant at CMU's Cognitive Development Lab.

As a data scientist, I have visualized first-party user data from Tencent Games during my internship to provide 41 insights into customer behaviors. I have also analyzed more than 300 million anonymized accounts for PNC Bank and improved their coupon recommendation accuracy by 12%. I am proficient in R, Python, and have written machine learning algorithms from scratch.

I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University a semester early in December 2021 with a B.S. in Information Systems and a minor in Game Design, as well as a B.S. in Statistics and Machine Learning with a minor in Business Administration. I received a 4.0/4.0 GPA and university honors for both degrees.

I am currently working at Apple, trying to push the limits of AR/VR. Prior to Apple, I was one of the core engineers at Meta Reality Labs who helped transform Meta's annual keynote event, Connect 22, into an immersive VR experience.

Unfortunately, this is just a website, so I cannot know who you are or what your story is. But please, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to learn more about you and am always available to chat.

Other fun stuff I've done:

  • I was the President of the Game Creation Society at CMU, overseeing the development of 3 to 9 games each semester;
  • I was a research assistant at the Augmented Perception Lab at CMU focusing on mixed reality and HCI;
  • I was the research team lead at the Cognitive Development Lab at CMU leading a team of 4 researchers to investigate the cognitive improvement in virtual reality;
  • I had an on-campus job at the Alumni Association and led CMU's official social media initiative in China, a WeChat public account called "CMUNetwork" for three years;
  • I spearheaded a non-profit investment fund to support student startups at CMU's Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association;
  • I taught a credited course at CMU on how to create games with Unity (98-127) for three semesters and was the teaching assistant for two other courses (67-443, 67-250);
  • I held charity campaigns and fundraisers to keep animals out of circuses, received a letter of appreciation from PETA;
  • I led the organization of a 5-day entrepreneurship summer camp for 100+ high school students, twice;
  • I co-founded a mobile app Transease and won the World Top 50 in Microsoft Imagine Cup;
  • I led the design of a space settlement orbiting Mercury for NASA and won the first prize in China;
  • I was a presenter at both TEDxYouth@YundangLake and TEDxYouth@HuiZhangRd.