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Hi, I'm 杨毓恺 and I go by Sebastian.

I am currently an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Information Systems.

I have an additional major in Statistics and Machine Learning, a minor in Business Administration, and an additional minor in Game Design.

I'm graduating a semester early in December 2021.

Thanks for checking out my website! This website is basically a collection of whatever projects I am working on or have worked on. If you just want a quick overview of my work in plain text, please check out my resume.

Please feel free to look around. : )

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My Work

I like to explore the intersection of business and technology.

From a business perspective, I have done market and strategy research for ByteDance as an intern. I'm currently leading a non-profit investment fund to help the student start-up.

From a tech perspective, I've done both full-stack development and game development for mobile, PC, and VR platforms. I'm currently working on iOS application development.

If you are interested, please check out my


My Life

My work is my life.

Oh, I also play a lot of video games