Game Creation Society



2019 Spring - 2021 Winter

The Game Creation Society is a student-led game development club at Carnegie Mellon. I’m honored to be elected as President of the Game Creation Society in 2020. In the fall semester alone, we have 100+ active members making 9 games in parallel.

I joined this club in my freshman year not knowing anything about game development. But my time at GCS has been exceptional, I learned so much, made so many games, and met so many cool people. Here are some notable accomplishments we achieved during my time as President.


Game Creation Society Website

To GCS Members

I’m very honored to lead the club in the past year. I want to thank all the execs, team leads, alumni, and most of all, our members for giving me such a great experience. I’ve no doubt the incoming execs will lead the club to the next great chapter, especially with the help of each and every one of you!

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