VR Developer


2021 Fall

Have you ever felt anxious before a date? Fearing it’s going to be super awkward? Or have you ever felt unsafe since you are meeting a complete stranger in person? We want to fix it.

Why not have your first date in a safe and goofy environment, like in virtual reality? Our app Vinder envisions how dating will look like in the Metaverse. It’s a standalone app built for Oculus Quest. Using Vinder you can not only get matches but also have your first date in a fun interactive VR environment!

This app is built in 24 hours independently by Sebastian Yang and Arshin Jain for HackCMU. It was the winner of the Facebook Metaverse Award.

(Sorry for the poor video quality — when we finished editing it and we only have like 10 mins before the deadline and we never got a chance to edit it.)

Under the Hood

This app is made in Unity with Oculus Quest 2. It uses Photon server to facilitate live virtual meetings between matches. It can run on a windows machine AND standalone in an Oculus Quest 2 headset without the need of a PC.

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